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About Beshai Makes

Hi! I'm Peter Beshai and I like to make things on computers. My main interests revolve around web development, data visualization, basketball, creative coding, and user experience design. I've had the pleasure of working in a variety of cool places related to these interests including the Boston Celtics, Bocoup, and the MIT Media Lab, all of which inform how I go about creating things.

I often get asked how to recreate things I've made or advice in general about making fun things on a computer and I thought it'd be nice to have a spot to put all kinds of instructional material about it. So, that's why I made Beshai Makes. I hope to write many articles catered to a variety of skill levels, so check back often!

Everything on this site is designed and made by me (well, except the caricature which I was given at a Cortico offsite). The site itself was designed in Figma, styled with Tailwind CSS, implemented with Gatsby (with the help of this starter) and hosted on Netlify.